Premiere: The Saddest Landscape - "You Never Asked"

The Saddest Landscape have a new album 'Darkness Forgives' out 10/23. Preorder and/or buy it. They're part of the reason I keep doing this. They get it and I hope kids one day look up to them like I looked up to Frail or On The Might of Princes. We can only hope. 

Song explanation and Top 5 classic emo records from Andy Maddox // Singer.Guitarist for THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE

"You Never Asked"

This is a song about not wanting to live with regret, and not wanting to be afraid to get out and just be part of things. I have missed out on a lot in life by being filled with anxiety and justifying why I should not leave the house. I don't want that, I don't want to wait for an invitation. I want to get out there and chase dreams and if failure awaits dance heroically in the wreckage knowing I tried. It is a song about not letting the bad times to be the focal point of the story, when those aren't clouding the memories there is often so much good there, I don't always want to remember the reason for fights, life is too short. It is a promise to myself to be ready to take second chances and stop living in self imposed exile.

Top 5 Classic Emo Records

Dear You,
This was a really hard list to do, I had a difficult time cutting it down from 20 (sorry 400 years and Yaphet Kotto), then an hour later was at an even harder to edit list of 10 (sorry Orchid and early Piebald),  and yes Old Pride is modern masterpiece but somehow it transcended this genre, and we all can agree on the importance of Rites of Spring right? Anyway here is the list:

Top 5 classic emo records where there is screaming.
1. Portraits of Past - s/t
2. Indian Summer - Discography CD
3. I Hate Myself - 10 Songs (CD version because it includes "To A Husband at War")
4. City of Caterpillar - s/t
5.1 On the Might of Princes - Where You Are and Where You Want to Be
5.2 La Quiete - La Fine Non E La Fine