Premiere: "Feel Found" by Low Speech

Check out Low Speech! 

'The Only Constant' EP from Low Speech was recorded in May over the course of two days with Beau Burchell of Saosin who most notably has produced the last two Moose Blood albums. A culmination of two and a half years of writing together amidst the general hurdles you face trying to be in and start a band in your 30s. They essentially never had any aspirations to move outside of the practice space to be honest. 

Tim Dove, guitarist / vocalist, on the song:
"Feel Found was actually one of the hardest songs to write lyrics and vocal patterns to. The original guitar riff and verses have a completely different vibe to the chorus and bridge, so vocally nothing seemed to work. It couldn’t be a typical bummer tune, but it wasn’t totally happy either. I’m not a very poetic guy and have always been a very literal writer, so when it came to the lyrical content of the song, I tried to write something that followed the feeling of the music. This is the weird hodgepodge outcome of all of that." 

The release date on Bandcamp and Soundcloud is 12/19, and it'll hit streaming on 12/30.