WU Recommends: The Hot Flood - "Wedding Dress"


The Hot Flood is the duo of Andrew Sacher (guitar/bass/vocals) and Nicolas D'Alessio (drums), who have been playing in various NYC-area bands together for a decade and focusing on The Hot Flood since 2011. Their lo-fi garage punk debut EP, 'Parasite,' came out that same year, followed by local gigs with Prawn, Caravela, LVL UP, Little Big League, Ovlov, Greys, and other bands. Now, following a nearly-two-year silence for the band, they're set to release their debut full-length, 'Last Words,' in Fall 2018. It was recorded and mixed by Kyle Pulley (of Thin Lips) at The Headroom in Philadelphia, and mastered by Dan Coutant (of Joshua) at Sun Room Audio in Cornwall, NY.

"We actually almost broke up," said Andrew. "Instead, we decided to try to write the best album we could possibly write. We didn't want lo-fi this time around. We went for a big, clear sound, and tried to incorporate as many of our influences as possible without going too all over the place (there's bits of punk, emo, indie rock, hardcore, sludge metal, folk, etc). I also pushed myself lyrically to take on some topics that weren't easy to talk about, whether it was personal stuff or something more external like the recent terrorist attack at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. We sort of modeled the album after albums like mewithoutYou's 'Brother, Sister' and Thursday's 'A City by the Light Divided,' and newer stuff like Foxing's 'Dealer' and TWIABP's Harmlessness -- albums that feel heavy and massive and genre-less by bands who came from small punk/DIY scenes. It's definitely not as good as any of those albums, but we tried."

Release date: Fall 2018


1. Fear

2. Wedding Dress

3. Last Words

4. New York

5. The Writer

6. 2012

7. False Awakenings 06:59

8. Quiet Man

Band photo (Credit: Amanda Hatfield)

Link for album: https://thehotflood.bandcamp.com/album/last-words

Band website: https://www.facebook.com/thehotflood/