Premiere: Listen to worlds greatest dad's New Album "Get Well Soon"

Tack-by-track by Maddie Duncan. 

Track by Track of the album by Maddy Duncan 

new recording 3 - I guess the song as a whole is about not needing someone to help make you better and that sometimes having someone is more detrimental to your mental health than being alone.

laughing (while you're smiling) - this little diddy is about learning how to fall in love in the right way and trying not to get caught up in your own faults so you can appreciate the joy someone else brings to your life.

cough - this one is an open apology for how lazy and unmotivated I am at times. it's also an open complaint about my short comings and how i physically and mentally have felt for so long.

asshole song - the title pretty much says it all, lol. this song is a recall to a past relationship and it’s actually a lot older. We put it on the record because people like it live and our producer dug it.

ciggies - this one is the first track on the record that really hints as substance abuse and the consequences of it. it's also kind of an intro to "a song for mogis" which carries the torch a little further and into more personal grounds.s

a song for mogis - i wrote a song for mogis on my bed after a very shitty day while staring at my dog. regardless of my bad eating habits and tendency to self destruct, my dog is always smiling at me like a big dummy and it helps me get through it all.

fireworks - i could write a whole essay on this one. it's about a friend that took his own life and really impacted me and my friend group at the time. and also about showing up to a catholic funeral still drunk from the night before with your pants soaked in piss (and feeling a little nervous about it). 

dad jeans - This one is just me wishing that I could stop caring about anything and worrying about things that don’t matter. The second verse is about getting older and not having the same energy towards the things you love, and also a little bit about how stale music scenes can be discouraging/make you feel stagnant or stuck.

motions - It's a little bit about bettering yourself for the person you love and not treating them poorly. A little bit about how you should never go to sleep angry. a little bit about missing the beach.

healthy living - this one is about being put on medication that makes you gain 50 pounds and then being told it's your fault for not eating better. it's also about how missing someone can really take a lot out of you and how sometimes you have to bask in your misery for a little while before trying to make life better.

better off dead - this is another one about trying to not be a shitty person and feel stuck but it proving to be really, really, really, really hard. i started writing this in my piece of crap, unregistered, uninsured (at the time) 1999 mercury sable station wagon after realizing there wasn’t a person next to me, just a huge pile of trash lol. it’s also about me wanting to make my girlfriend and family proud. and also took us like 15 min to get that finger cymbal "ting" towards the end hahaha.

liminal space - this is the one i could write the most about. (but since i only have a few sentences and don't want to put anyone to sleep) this ones the oldest song on the record. we liked the idea of putting it last because i think it was the catalyst for everything else on the album. It’s about wanting to just be happy and not think about how things would be better if they changed.  “I’m not trying to solve all my problems, I just want you to know that I’ve got em” is pretty thematic for the record. It’s just about wanting to not feel sick or be treated like you are, even if you’re sick.