Your New Favorite Song: "Offseason" by Stay Inside

Check out Brooklyn’s Stay Inside. This song reminded me of the first Engine Down album so much. It’s a band you’ll be hearing about more and more as the word gets out about their great songs and live show.


The band said this about the song. “This song is specifically about bands and friends we've played shows with for the last two years.  Much of the lyrical content is a direct message to them about the impermanence of these relationships, and how tough it is when things end before they were meant to expire.  We're focusing on themes of self reflection as it pertains to honesty, guilt, pride, and the hope that we can be comfortable with our actions, how we've affected others, and how we’d like to be remembered.”


Stay Inside is working on their first full length album to be released later in 2019.  

4/19 - Philadelphia, PA - The Music Ward
4/20 - Brooklyn, NY - Muchmore's
5/3 - New Brunswick, NJ - House Show
5/11 - Palmyra, PA - Seventh Wave Studio
5/17 - Lowell, MA
5/18 - Allston, MA - O'Brien's
5/22 - Brooklyn, NY - Muchmore's
5/24 - Brooklyn, NY - Bushwick Public House