Emo Is Now A KILLER!

Another story where a boy kills himself and the parents look to the bedroom and find emo lyrics and his moms says, "Mrs Maynard added: "Emo music is all to do with death."

Emo Kid Drowns

Is the public going to blame EVERY SINGLE death on the music? Here it is for everyone, kids get bullied, fucked with and abused every day of their lives for being themselves and trying to conform to some standard that is set forth by a select few. It's been said many more times before I was around but the fact of the matter is that life sucks and kids have music to hold onto. The problem with emo music is that it's at times very uplifting and helpful but then also sad and depressing. And now, the music is popular and in the faces of many of those that might not of known about it. So now its the mainstream music that gets blamed just as rap music gets blamed for gang violence. Why don't they blame music for every single suicide in America? I am not trying to solve it but I am surprised at each juncture of a specific music genre that is popular, it is then blamed for the societies problems but in fact it's reflecting those of what's happening to us. For that, even emo music now is just love songs. Maybe thats the answer, love. Love your friends, love your parents, love your girlfriend, love your boyfriend, love yourself. Remember that, love yourself because there is no one keeping score and you are doing just fine by yourself. R.I.P Dominic Maynard. I love you.
Tom MullenComment