EMO IS DEAD ON LATE NIGHT TV!!! Hawthorne Heights ruins it for all of us.

Emo is dead folks or any lame excuse bands still put their tag on this genre. Late night television is always last (unless its Conan) with the bands of the times. They are JUST getting around to having emo bands on. I don't care if you already knew this but the stars aligned tonight. Hawthorne Heights just played on Jay Leno. I don't know what to say. It was horrible and I really want to know what they were thinking. I feel bad for the guy that died in the band but this is bad, really bad.

And in the same breath, Anthony Green is on Carson Daly. EMO is all over late night TV. That should be your warning to turn off late night TV. It's not cool or amazing that these bands are on TV anymore. It's over.