Look out Obama and McCain... Emo Party from New Zealand is Coming!

So some students wanted to make fun of "Emos" by making a political TV ad. (You know how much I hate that plural term). Check out their description of "Emos". Hey, I didn't know Claudio's brother was a year 11 student in New Zealand or its an early photo of The Fall of Troy.

"Lytton High School students who made a television ad for an emo political party because "they are easy to make fun of" are revelling at their second placing in a national competition.
Year 11 students Michael Davis, Fletcher Stevenson and Rory McCourt were named runners up in this year's Fair Go Student Ad Awards.
Competition criteria meant the group had to create an ad that was 30 seconds long and marketed a political party to potential voters.
Their party was targeted at emos - a label for people who are generally sad, wear tight jeans (usually women's), have long glossed hair and sometimes heavy eye makeup."

Read the full article here.
Watch the video here, courtesy of Rory McCourt!
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