Pete Wentz Decides to Ruin Comic Books

Add one more thing I can't do without thinking of our lovely Pete. Read comics. Claudio from Coheed and Cambria started this mess and then Gerard (from My Chemical Romance Queen Epic Music Video Band) used marketing and took kids money with his pile of shit. So now Pete wants in the game and has plans to release a comic about a "mysterious toy maker" and a cyborg named "Tiffy". So lets get this straight, Pete is the "toy maker" or bass player and the cyborg is Ashley?

Superman, Transformers, Batman, The Green Goblin, Tiffy. Yeah, sounds like a hit.

Pete has big plans for it - "It’s more than a comic. In the end, it will be a graphic novel, clothing, website and (even) possible toys themselves."

Wow, A website! Shit, I'm all over this!

Read It Here

Images from the Comic - SPOILER ALERT!!!!

PS - Heard Angels and Kings was reopening. I will be first to bring my little cousin who looks 25 and try and shut the place down again.
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