Do You Know Who You Are - Playlist - 11/3/11

Another amazing night with special guests Jesse from Motion City Soundtrack and Rob from By Surprise.

Rob - By Surprise
Jawbreaker - Accident Prone
The Jealous Sound - What's Wrong Is Everywhere
Hey Mercedes - Warm Chords
Cursive - The Recluse
The Promise Ring - Why Did We Ever Meet?
Mock Orange - We Work
Mineral - Parking Lot
Luck of Aleia - Spark
The Van Pelt - It's A Suffering
Jawbox - Cooling Card
Lync - Two Feet in Front
Desaparecidos - Man and Wife, The Latter
Braid - Killing A Camera
Colossal - Plateau Song
The Impossibles - Oxygen
Boys Life - Golf Hill Drive
Kik Kilowatt - Bicycle Song
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start - Help Me Fix My Bike
Rainer Maria - Hell and High Water
Brand New - Failure By Design
Knapsack - Katherine The Greatful
At The Drive In - Hulahoop Wounds
Saves the Day - Rocks Tonic Juice
Bear Vs Shark - Ma Jolie
Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus
Imbroco - Northstar is an Airplane
My Favorite Citizen - Trans-Hudson

Jesse - Motion City Soundtrack
Taking Back Sunday - You Know How I Do
Braid - New Nathan Detroits
Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train to Vegas
By Surprise - Photoshoot
The Promise Ring - Skips A Beat
Chisel - Hip Straights
Hose Got Cable - Untitled
Milemarker - Sex Jam Two
Boys Life - Tucked In
Giant's Chair - Ever Present
Christie Front Drive - Bowl
Piebald - Long Nights
The Faint - Worked Up So Sexual
Hellbender - Song About Some Girls
Cap N' Jazz - Take on Me
At The Drive In - Mannequin Republic
Say Anything - Spidersong
Shudder to Think - 9 Fingers on You
Rye Coalition - Baby's Got A New Flame
Burning Airlines - Scissoring
Vitreous Humor - Why Are You So Mean To Me?
Sunday's Best - Sale Mines of Santa Monica
Brnad New - Fork and Knife
Weakerthans - Confessions of A Futon Revolution
Saves the Day - Through Being Cool
Smoking Popes - Let's Hear It For Love
Samiam - Capsized
Jimmy Eat World - Authority Song
Jawbreaker - Boxcar
Song of Zarathustra - Murder In La Jolla
Cursive - Am I Not Yours
Tanner - Computers That Breathe
Threadbare - Weatherman
Grade - Conceptualizing Theories In
Mineral - Gloria
No Knife - Sweep Away My Shadow
Ink & Dagger - Full Circle
Dismemberment Plan - Time Bomb
Knapsack - Courage Was Confused

Tom and Brian
Jimmy Eat World - Open Bar Reception
The Get Up Kids - Ten Minutes
Sunday's Best - Too Soon To Laugh
Rival Schools - Good Things
Armor for Sleep - My Town
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the "E"
Chris Conley - Confidence Man
The Jazz June - Viva La Speed Metal
Hot Rod Circuit - Irish Car Bomb
Brand New - Sowings Seeds (Yeah)
Blackpool Lights - This Town's Disaster
Benton Falls - Fighting Starlight
Brandston - Mark It A Zero
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Hot Water Music - Wayfarer
Lifetime - Turnpike Gates
Quicksand - Simpleton
Planes Mistaken for Stars - Copper Stars
Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright (Nice Brian...)
The Get Up Kids - Holiday
Big Collapse - Figured It Out
The Juliana Theory - Top of the World
The Movielife - Ten Years Too Late
Snapcase - Zombie Prescription
Strike Anywhere - Refusal
Sylvie - Hit & Run
The Gloria Record - Grace, The Snow Is Here