Do You Know Who You Are? Playlist from 1/5/12 - Emo Night!

Wow, what an evening!  We took requests into the wee hours and met some new folks plus someone that traveled from Philadelphia to spend their 30th birthday with us!  See you next month for our 1 year anniversary show on 2/2 at Idle Hands.  We are working on a special blowout for this special night.

Much love to Brian Carley from Penfold and Rich Hall from 1000 Knives for DJ'ing with us.  Toward the end of the night we had request after request from Twitter (@washedupemo) and Instagram.  I think Chris Conley needs to show up to this at some point, half the requests were Saves the Day.

Do You Know Who You Are? - Playlist from 1/5/12 - Idle Hands Bar 

DJ - Brian Carley 
Quicksand - Shovel
Rocket from the Crypt - Born in 69
Smoking Popes - Rubella
Jawbox - Savory
Empire State Games - Falling Forward
Rainer Maria - Tinfoil
Cross my Heart - Tonight We'll Light Ourselves on Fire
Hot Rod Circuit - At Nature's Mercy
Lifetime - Song From A New Brunswick Basement Show
Braid - First Day Back
Q and not U - Hooray for Hummus
Raein - Tigersuit
Grade - Triumph and Tragedy
The Anniversary - All Things Ordinary
Giant's Chair - nondescriptionist ethic
Jawbreaker - Chemistry
The Promise Ring - E. Texas Ave
Few and Far Between - Maybe for Now
Jejune - Early Stares
Knapsack - Courage was Confusing
Archers of Loaf - Lowest Part is Free
At The Drive In - Lopsided
Minus the Bear - Monkey Knife Fight
Thursday - This Side of Brightness

DJ - Rich Hall 
Brand New - Jesus Christ
The Promise Ring - Best Looking Boys
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
Cursive - A Gentleman Caller
Alkaline Trio - Queen of Pain
Pretty Girls - Push the Speakers in the Air
At the Drive In - Ursa Minor
La Dispute - Edit Your Hometown
Nation of Ulysses - Today I Met The Girl I'm Going to Marry
Orchid - NJ vs Valhalla 
Hot Cross - A Voice Turned Vacant
Gospel - Your Electric Surge is Sweet
Some Girls - Beautiful Rune
Ink and Dagger - Lady Love
Touche Amore - Art Official
Chariots - Hips Unite
Threadbare - Feed
Planes Mistaken for Stars - One Fuckin Pony
The Dears - Never Destroy You
Two Gallant - Steady Rollin
Mogwai - The Devil Rides

DJ - Brian and Tom - Plus a ton of requests!!!! 
taking back sunday - set phasers to stun
armor for sleep - dream to make believe
texas is the reason - do you know who you are?
saves the day - at your funeral
piebald - american hearts
jealous sound -  anxious arms
braid - killing a camera
hot rod circuit - the pharmacist
reggie and the full effect - girl why did you run away?
the juliana theory - if i told you this was killing me would you..
the promise ring - happiness is all the rage
the movie life - this time next year 
further seems forever - pictures of shorelines
hot rod circuit - weak warm
saves the day - shoulder to the wheel
thursday - understanding this is a car crash
breaking pangea - worst part 
coheed and cambria - a favor house atlantic 
the promise ring - make me a mixtape
cursive - the casualty 
anberlin - hello alone
penfold - traveling theory
jimmy eat world - no sensitivity (acoustic)
weerd science - conspiracies 
stryder - 11:11
lifetime - 25 cent giraffes
there for tomorrow - pages
mineral - gloria
the get up kids - stay gold ponyboy
bad seed - everybodys fault
the promise ring - under the board walk
desaparecidos - the happiest place on earth
saves the day - collision
before braille - goodnight quiet noise
chris conley - confidence man
hot water music - trust chords 
jazz june - stars to prove it
chamberlain - racing cincinnati 
jealous sound - hope for us
rival schools - everything has it's point
texas is the reason - blue boy
the promise ring - red paint
jejune - greyscale
seven story mountain - no promise
dustin kensrue - pistol
goodbye tomorrow - if your eyes were mine
saves the day - three miles down 
Braid - Hugs from Boys
Planes Mistaken for Stars - copper and stars
saves the day - I'm sorry i'm leaving
saves they day - hold
jimmy eat world - hear you me 
karate - there are ghosts
the get up kids - i'm a loner dottie, a rebel (daytrotter)
jazz june - the phone works both ways
the get up kids - jessie and my whetstone
a shit load of theme songs by request (it got weird right about now)
saves the day - jessie & my whetstone
the new amsterdams - hanging on for hope 
brand new - magazines
the get up kids - alec eiffel 
hot water music - trusty chords
broken hearts are blue - get'n over my sassy self
the lonely forest - turn off this song and go outside