Washed Up Emo teams up with Topshelf Records for CMJ 2013 complete with The Jazz June Reforming! DJ'ing All Night!

Washed Up Emo is proud to be joining up with Topshelf Records and their CMJ showcase this October in NYC!  The Jazz June will be reuniting! A hugely influential band for this genre / niche, If you listen to most anything Topshelf has ever released, this band can almost assuredly be indirectly or even directly credited for it.  Also playing will be Enemies (coming all the way from Ireland, no less), CaravelsHave Mercy & a very special ~yet-to-be-named~ guest.

After the show, and between sets, I'll be will be DJing only the best of the best tunes.

An exclusive, limited Edition 7-inch record for everyone in attendance featuring “Hundred Years” by Caravels and a previously unreleased song from Prawn.

Tickets are on sale right now and are going to sell out, so hop to!

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