Refused - Video of Full Set from Last Tour in 1998 - Only on!

Exclusive to will be a complete set of video clips of one of Refused's last shows ever. It happened on October 3rd, 1998 and yours truly was there in the flesh at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. Two days before the infamous Harrisonburg, VA show and subsequent DVD, this is one of the few places to see the last set the band played live together. There have been no reunions, special shows, etc. since that year. For a piece of nostalgia and remembering a time before all the nu metal bands covered "New Noise", hear it here when most kids only knew "Rather Be Dead". Check how no asshole is holding up their phone or checking to see if their mom had texted them. Pure music for 44 minutes. Check back later this week for the complete set.