Mineral Reunion Tour Diary - NYC Part 2

Bowery Ballroom - September 6th, 2014

The wife and I strolled through the Stone street area which has very nice late 19th century architecture and expensive appetizers. Learning the subway is a challenge but we made it to High Line park which is an enjoyable free way to see a tiny part of the city. (Balla's on a budget) did the patriotic ground zero trip and a few more sites to round out a successful outing. I gotta say it is nice to play multiple shows at the same venue and keep everything set up. Lazy is the new eager says I. IIOI is a very kick ass band, in case you weren't aware. Crowd still makes us feel welcome even though it's our third show in the same city. Gratitude.  Bruises are starting to fill my body, need to figure a way to stop hitting my self with sticks and busting fingers on the damn floor tom. Still super gluing over blood blisters, hope callouses fill in soon. Drinks with some old friends and met some new ones (I think). New York what happened?! You got so friendly!

The Scarlet Pimpernel-
Gabriel Wiley